Cross Canada Adventure – Ottawa

May 26, 2014

Ottawa, Ontario – 12:12 a.m.

The Ottawa bus depot plays dance part music, and the staff talk to me about my Star Trek book. So I put on my ‘Emergency Dance Party’ playlist, and figured I’d write in an update. There isn’t any wifi at this terminal, so I’ll probably end up posting all the updates at once when I get back on the bus.

I ordered a sandwich from the Mr. Sub (my first time at any Mr. Sub restaurant) and accidentally distracted the poor kid working so badly that he poured boiling water on himself when I asked for some for my tea.

I ate half of my sandwich, read three chapters of my Star Trek book, and now I’m trying to decipher my ticket. It seems I have two back to back eleven hour layovers. I’d really rather not. I’m going to go ask the service attendant if they can make anything of this.


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