Cross Canada Adventure – Kanata

May 25, 2014

Kanata – 8:05 p.m.

Kanata, for anyone wondering, is a suburb-type-thing outside of Ottawa. It’s close enough to be on the Ottawa public transit system, but far enough away to warrant its’ own Gray Hound stop.

Ontario has beautiful sunsets too. More lichen still, but the sky is wide with sunsets like the East Coast. I never understood that about out west – they call it ‘big sky country’ but I never felt like the sky was any bigger than it is back home.

No moose yet; but I don’t expect there to be – it’s been a bit chilly. No wifi on this coach, either. It’s an older one. This means I’ll be three updates behind by the time we hit Ottawa.

The ginger tea did work and not only did the nausea die down, but I had a really nice nap as well. So I’ve had some donuts, two chocolate bars, and a package of fruit gushers. I checked in on the internet this morning at a rest stop in Petawawa, so everyone knows I’m alive. We’re coming into the township now, so I’ll sign off.


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