Cross Canada Adventure – West Hawk Lake

May 24, 2014

Rather Far Outside Winnipeg – 11:16 a.m.

The morning brought a bad night’s sleep in a freezing bus, an unscheduled, middle-of-the-night stop in I don’t know where, and being awoken by the order that we had to switch busses. Which means the morning brought an ache in my side and a cold, but sleepless body.

Oh well. We all hopped off the bus, hopped on to the other one, and tried our best not to complain. For my part, I was too confused with the re-boarding procedure to be disgruntled. I met a man whose home town is Moncton, New Brunswick (right beside mine, for my out of town readers), and we talked about lobster. It was a better pick-me-up than a cup of coffee.

Now, we’re sort of to the side of a place called West Hawk Lake. Or maybe we’re west of the lake? The sign didn’t say. I can see the landscape changing. Privately (or not so much so), it’s the part I’ve been waiting for, most interested to see. I could never reconcile in my head the geography of out west with the terrain I was so used to seeing in the East Coast. It felt like it was another country sometimes.  I guess my theory is that seeing the part that connects the two ends will make them more connected for me. I have to confess that, after the interminable flat of southern Alberta, the occasional small rocks jutting out of the ground in what I’m pretty sure is still Manitoba are a welcome sight.

There’s more swamp here than I expected. This seems to be happening to be a lot; but it’s a refreshing sort of surprise.

P.S. – I just looked it up, West Hawk Lake is both a place and a body of water. It’s located in the Whiteshell Provincial Park in southeastern Manitoba. It’s pretty country and, from what I can see, I’d recommend it if you’re in the area.


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