Cross Canada Adventure – The Lone Prairie

May 23, 2014

Somewhere on the lone Prairie – 9:24 p.m.

If anyone makes fun of that song reference in the location title; ill come to your house and sing it to you.

Dusk settles on the Prairie like cream in a cup of tea – milky sweet, thick, and gradual. Changing the temperature, appearance, and taste entirely; and still maintaining harmony. It turns the sky a true dusk – soft blue-grey the bleeds into itself to darken. Streaked with the last warm oranges and pinks of the waning sunset, it reminds me of the early dawn.

There is so much about this country – my country – that I didn’t know. I wonder if the light of tomorrow morning will bring more than one awakening?

I am so very glad to be Canadian. So far, this trip has made me cherish this land so much more deeply – intimately. As tough this is a special part of being Canadian.


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