Cross Canada Adventure – Gull Lake

May 23, 2014

Outside of Gull Lake – 8:53 p.m.

Just in case I’m not the only one who has no idea where I am; Gull Lake is a small town West of Swift Current, Saskatchewan. I didn’t see the lake, which is apparently quite large, but I did see gulls. It’s a suns’ anvil if I ever saw one, but the people there seemed quite happy. It reminded me of growing up in Parking dale – small like that.

Canada is amazing. Saskatchewan has rolling hills like the sea. This is Gods’ country, with heards of robust cattle grazing in the sunset. Prairie sunsets are beautiful – I can see why people live here. And there are great dust clouds that rise up from the earth like fog.

We passed a place that mines salt, and I saw it resting like great chunks of ice in the river. There is water here – more than I expected, though obviously there would be with how much they grow here. The hills roll like waves, and I am genuinely surprised by how much I love this bit of country.

The sunsets are beautiful here, awe-inspiring like the northern lights. And they cast the old, dilapidated farm houses in rusty, ruddy hues that light up the barns like deep bronze skeletons. It’s really somethink I’ve never seen before.


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